Workers’ Compensation Program
2016-2017 Group Rating Safety Accountability Letter
10-Step Business Plan for Safety

Workers' Comp Group Rating: Here's how to save on your premiums
Achieve significant savings on your workers' compensation premiums by joining the Ohio Cleaners Association group rating program, administered by CareWorksComp.  The group rating allows similar employers with good claims history to band together to enjoy savings on premiums.

Our group rating plan specializes in excellent service and stability. Members can save from 16% to 90% on their workers' compensation premiums. Our multiple discount levels help you reach your maximum possible savings, while also providing more chances for companies with claims to remain group eligible. 
CareWorksComp, a leader in Workers' Compensation Group Services, provides members with experienced account executives, expert claims management, hearing representation and accurate group rating savings estimates. CareWorksComp team will review your claims and premium information to ensure you are paying no more than you have to for workers' compensation.

To see how much you could save with the Ohio Cleaners Association group rating program, call CareWorksComp at 800-777-4283 to complete an AC-3 form and receive a free, no-obligation group rating savings estimate. If you have questions, please contact Andrew Frank  at 614-936-2425.


Group Business Insurance Program
National Fire and Indemnity Exchange (NIE) is devoted 100% to insuring dry cleaners and coin laundries.


Long Distance Program
First Communications offers all the low cost products and services you need to communicate better and be more successful.


Credit Card Processing Program
Merchant Solutions International, Inc., is one of the nation's premier merchant processing sales offices.  A wide range of products and services provide merchants the ability to accept all major credit cards, debit/ATM cards, checks, phone cards, and electronic gift cards.


Managed Care Organization (MCO) Program
The Ohio Cleaners Association is pleased to endorse Frank Gates Managed Care Services as our preferred provider of workers’ compensation MCO services. Frank Gates Managed Care Services is an active supporter of OCA’s mission, programs and direction.  Frank Gates Managed Care Services combines proactive medical management with personalized, hands-on return to work assistance adding greatly to their ability to minimize the severity of job related injuries and control workers’ compensation costs.


 Gas & Electric Program
Summit Energy Services, Inc., provides a team of energy and sustainability experts who can help you craft strategies that are field-tested by years of experience in the global energy markets.